Grey’s Anatomy Winter Hiatus Filler → April Kepner in Season 10b
"Kepner, get out of my vagina."

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Anonymous: Who are friendly Jackson and April blogs other than you? Same for Meredith and Derek?

little-greysanatomy: Honest to God, our boy never gets enough love or understanding from the fandom. It's like he's either being hated on because the other characters are angry with him for some bullshit so everyone joins in, or people only love him when his shirt's off. Like how messed up is that?? (Though I'll admit, we all enjoy a good half-naked Avery!) And thank you for the flattery :p I'll definitely try to be as helpful or whatever as I can :) You can use this email for stuff: gorightgoleft@hotmail[.]com :D

Okay I saved your email but I can only add you tomorrow. I’m off to bed already but couldn’t resist checking tumblr one more time before bed. :)

I’m such an idiot sometimes.. Earlier I posted a wrong name of the blog (probably was too excited lol). It’s actually

Check it out if you have time and will to do it so you know what you are getting into :D

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Jackson Avery Appreciation Week
Day 4: favourite episode » 10x13 Take It Back

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